Palazzo Ráthonyi-Reusz

€ 700 / week, € 1500 / month, € 1100 / 5 month

83 sqm, 3 BR 2 BA sleeps 6

The apartment in Palazzo Ráthonyi-Reusz is one of a kind. Not just because the building is intact since 120 years and is a favourite spot for periodical dramas shot in Budapest, but because of it’s atmosphere and high ceilings.


The apartment is located on the second floor of a quirky but beautiful old palace with the most stunning spiral staircase. 

From the entryway we step in to the hall that leads us to the kitchen and dining area. The two bedrooms facing the street have double beds and elegant old armoires and desks. The third bedroom is located on the other side of the flat facing the courtyard and opens from the hall. It has it's own en-suit bathroom that is separated by a sliding cheerful yellow door. 

The main bathroom contains the wasching maschine and is located ideally close to the two bedrooms facing the street.

The building has a very romantic history. The construction began in 1989 and was financed by a noble family called “Ráthonyi- Reusz” who’s family crest is still above the main gate. From 1917 the building was taken over by the Hungarian State Treasury and from then on housed a catholic girl institute “Collegium Marianum”. During WWII the building gave shelter for 150 girl refugees. From the 50’s it became a boy’s college and from ’56 (beginning of the communist era) like many other of its kind in Budapest this building was also divided into several different small apartments with very weird shapes. Unfortunately the rough past has left very strong marks on the building and reflects the neglect with which it was treated in the last 50 years, still it consist of a charm that nobody can resist it’s temptation and leave without taking several pictures of it’s once beautiful staircase and facade.


The apartment is located at the end of the quaint and pleasant part of Krúdy Gyula street, where only pedestrians are allowed giving the main hub of the district's nascent bohemian scene: a row of shops, cafes and restaurants running along Krúdy Gyula street and around the sides of peaceful Mikszáth Kálmán square.

A plentiful selection of nearby grocery stores, wine shops, deli’s, drugstores, bakeries (some of which are 24-hour) make grocery shopping effortless.

How to get there from the airport

There are 3 major metro lines embracing the Palace quarter: M3 (blue line, airport direction), M4 (green line) and M2 (red line).

The closest stop from the airport to the flat is: Kálvin tér, M3 - M4

From there take the following route: Leave the Kálvin tér metro station at the exit where it says Baross utca. Start out your route walking on Baross utca's pedestiran part and then countinue on Reviczky utca. At the end of Reviczky you'll reach Mikszáth tér (square) which is the beggining of Krúdy street. The whole distance is not more than 450 m, so about 5 mins on foot.Getting around

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