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  • Palazzo Ráthonyi-Reusz

    €1300 / month, €1000 / 5 month,

     3 BR | 2 BA , 83 sqm

    The apartment in Palazzo Ráthonyi-Reusz is one of a kind. Not just because the building is intact since 120 years and is a favourite spot for periodical dramas shot in Budapest, but because of it's atmosphere  and high ceilings.

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  • House Höffler

    €1500 / month, €1300 / 5 month,

    3 BR | 2 BA , 110 sqm,

    With tall ceilings and strong light, this three bedroom has a dramatic sense of space, particularly evidenced by the decorative living room in the heart of the apartment. With three bedrooms and two baths, there is enough room here to spread out and relax in complete comfort.

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  • Balasy House

    €1200 / month, €1000 / 5 month 

    3 BR | 2 BA, 73 sqm,

    Held within 120-year-old walls and original decorations, this apartment offers clean lines and confortable furniture in a last century ambience.

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  • Hofhauser

    €1200 / month, €1000 / 5 month

    3 BR | 1 BA, 75 sqm,

    As a traveler soon discovers, every city has its own unique scent, its particular rhythm and energy. This vacation rental apartment combines the charm and style of vintage Budapest with modern life comforts and conveniences. The apartment is located in a quaint and pleasant pedestrian street, full of cafés and restaurants in the heart of the Palace quarter.

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